The smartest text analytics

It’s time to use Compreno where other text analytics technologies fail. Without any training, it works accurately on a range of text mining and text-intensive tasks.


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When do our clients choose Compreno?

When they need a deep look into text – text mining

ABBYY Compreno “understands” the meaning of words and identifies relationships between them. Using this insight, it creates a semantic representation of text for computer analysis in text mining tasks – accurate fact extraction, intelligent search and discovery, classification of unstructured data and more.

When they have to get right facts – fact discovery

Through deep, language-based text analysis, Compreno identifies entities and reveals factual and event relationships between them even throughout a long document. It disambiguates between different meanings of the same word and uncovers all valuable pieces of information for practical text analytics.

When accuracy and granularity matters a lot

Legal review, document compliance, case management – all these text-intensive activities are susceptible to costly mistakes. Providing deep, language-based analytics of the unstructured information and accurate text analysis, Compreno is the best solution for critical tasks that require reliable results.

Solve the toughest text analysis challenges

Resolve language ambiguity

ABBYY Compreno technology detects homonyms (i.e. words that are spelled the same but have different meanings) and selects the right meaning by analyzing the surrounding context.

Reveal “hidden” information

ABBYY Compreno recovers omitted words that a human can understand from the context but a machine usually cannot.

Establish distant relationships between words

ABBYY Compreno detects all relationships between words within a sentence and can discover facts related to the same entities (companies, persons, etc.) throughout the entire document.

Detect implicit links and relations

ABBYY Compreno recognizes entities, which have been replaced by pronouns, and can accurately trace their mentioning across the text.

Data Capture Optimization

ABBYY Compreno technology inside content capture solutions automates time-consuming manual attribution of documents and optimizes data capture processes.

Business Processes Automation

Automatic routing and alerting for customer requests or incoming agreements can be embedded into a company’s workflow for faster responses and better customer support.

Search and Discovery Improvement

Compreno automatically extracts people, places, companies, brands, and job titles from documents and determine the relationships between them based on custom ontologies.

See ABBYY Compreno in action

ABBYY Compreno is the natural language processing technology that operates on the level of meaning. It is the basis for the new generation of intelligent analytic, discovery, classification and other solutions for unstructured data processing and text mining. Try it now.


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